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Social sustainability and inclusivity:

Council is committed to being inclusive, generating social value through procurement and purchasing processes to maximise opportunities and benefits for the people and stakeholders that it serves.

Council will preference local suppliers, organisations that provide meaningful work for people with disabilities, seek to engage indigenous and first nations suppliers, people and organisations that come from or support minority or disadvantaged communities, and those that create other positive social impacts where possible, where other factors are equal, reasonable, and comparative with market rates offered.

AlburyCity seeks to:

  • Create a level playing field for all suppliers and ensures the market place remains dynamic, diverse and more competitive in the long term;
  • Provide for greater employment and training opportunities that can help to encourage residents to come to or remain in the region to live, spend and work;
  • Encourage local involvement and investment of all industry sectors;
  • Provide for capacity and capability building of local businesses; and
  • Ensure that procurement activities and contracts are conducted under fair and inclusive trading practices, acceptable employment conditions and that comply with all relevant legislation.

Benefit to the local region and Australian manufacturers

AlburyCity is committed to spending in the community where it serves, supporting local businesses where purchases are justified on value for money grounds, while remaining compliant with the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and other fair trading legislation requirements.

A weighting percentage of 10% will be assigned to the evaluation criteria element of “benefit to the Albury Wodonga region” for tenders and substantive quotations.

AlburyCity will examine aspects like where the supplier has a local business presence, the percentage of and potential to increase local employment, percentage of materials, plant and equipment sourced and used locally and what other social and sustainable benefits the business can address and offer the local community.

Wherever practicable, AlburyCity will give preference to contracts for the purchase of goods, equipment, machinery or materials manufactured locally or produced within Australia.

A standard set of questions under the criteria of benefit to the local region will appear in our quotation and tender documents:

  • Is your businesses head office located in the Albury-Wodonga Region?
  • Does your business have a permanent presence in the Albury-Wodonga region?
  • What percentage of labour and subcontractors will be sourced in the Albury-Wodonga region for this procurement activity?
  • What percentage of materials, plant and equipment will be sourced or manufactured in the Albury-Wodonga region for this procurement activity?
  • Will this procurement activity result in an increase in employment in the Albury-Wodonga region? Please provide details.
  • Are you a social enterprise, indigenous business, minority owned business, volunteer organisation or a disability firm?
  • What benefit does your business bring to the local community? For example:
    • Sponsorships of sporting groups, youth services or community organisations.
    • Employment and training opportunities for minority groups. How are or will these be implemented?
    • Opportunities for skills and technology transfer to increase the skills of local businesses and individuals.
    • Potential to undertake innovation, research and development of technology; and
    • Employment training opportunities to the unemployed or disadvantaged local residents.