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Environmental sustainability

We are committed to achieving sustainability and ensuring it monitors and reports on council activities and programs that have an impact on or contribute to the environment including, but not limited, to the following:

  • Waste management;
  • Recycling;
  • Energy management;
  • Emission management;
  • Water conservation;
  • Green building design; and
  • Procurement.

We will adopt a green procurement approach by supporting the principles of sustainable procurement within the context of purchasing on a value for money basis.
Value for money purchasing decisions made by the council are made on the basis of whole of life cost and non-price factors including contribution to the council’s sustainability objectives.

The council prefers to purchase environmentally preferred products whenever they achieve the same
function and value for money outcomes.

A standard set of questions under the criteria of environmental sustainability will appear in all AlburyCity quotations and tender documents as follows:

  • When evaluating offers, consideration needs to be given to the impact the goods and/or services have on the environment. Also, purchases are based on the principle of value for money and should therefore consider the total cost of ownership or whole of life costs of the product and/or service. The council will consider the following environmental sustainability criteria: reduce, reuse and recycle;
    • Please provide details of environmental policies and plans with evidence of their
      application; and/or,
    • Please provide examples of practices and products that demonstrate a commitment
      and capacity to deliver positive environment outcomes.