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Corporate, Work Health Safety and Public Risk:

When initiating a purchase, consideration is given to the identification of unacceptable risks and either the elimination of the risk or management of the risk to an acceptable level under AlburyCity’s risk management framework.

Goods and services procured and acquired by AlburyCity are to meet relevant Australian Standards as appropriate, have and uphold relevant licences/certification, insurances, warranties and guarantees as per our Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

Contractor work health and safety

We are committed to work, health and safety (WHS) and recognise our duty to ensure the health and safety of all persons who are potentially impacted by council’s activities and operations. This duty extends to the activities of all contractors and subcontractors engaged by us.

AlburyCity has developed and implemented a comprehensive safety management system, consistent with Australian Standards, which provides a high standard of workplace health and safety and aims for zero harm. It requires all of our relevant contractors and subcontractors to have in place safe systems of work at least equivalent to the safety standards in place at AlburyCity.

Relevant contractors are those who undertake work at our facilities or in a public place on our behalf. It is a requirement that all relevant contractors who provide services to Council, be WHS registered. This involves the completion of a Contractor Safety Compliance Package to demonstrate a Supplier’s ability to manage WHS and that they have the appropriate insurance and licences in place.

Contractors are required to complete and submit the Contractor Safety Compliance Package prior to undertaking any work for AlburyCity and we may also ask for this to be completed by those suppliers who wish to submit a quote or tender.

Failure to have an adequate safety system in place can make a quote or tender submission non-compliant, regardless of the quality of the rest of the submission.