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Used motor and cooking oil can be recycled, so rather than risk contamination or a spill at your place, bring it to us and we'll have it cleaned and put to good use.

Each year, Australians buy more than 500 million litres of motor oil. Just one litre of motor oil is enough to contaminate one million litres of water, and a single oil change in your car produces four to five litres of oil waste.

Used motor oil picks up toxic chemicals when used in engines and transmissions and is hazardous to the environment.

Sump oil - which includes engine oil, two-stroke, diesel oil and lubricating oils along with cooking oil - can be dropped off for free at the Albury Recycling Centre.

Fortunately, used motor oil can be recycled because instead of wearing out, it just gets dirty. The contaminants can be removed and the oil recycled time after time.

Some uses of recycled oil are industrial burner fuel, re-refined lube oil, or it can be used in other products as an additive.

If you have small quantities (20 litres maximum) of old motor oils or unused/used cooking oil make sure it is in a secure oil container and bring it to the Albury Recycling Centre.

Households are not charged for oil disposal but a fee applies for commercial operators.

Here are some useful tips for recycling oils:

  • Dispose of old oils straight away otherwise you risk it entering the soil and contaminating ground water if it spills or leaks
  • Do not mix oils with other chemicals as contamination may cause the oil to be unrecyclable. Keep liquids in original containers

Ensure all containers are sealed and have clearly identifiable labels.