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Needles, sharps and syringes

Used syringes pose a health risk to the community and so safe disposal bins must be provided and used. Needle and syringe disposal bins can be found in hospital grounds, council amenity buildings, parks and reserves. Medical sharps can also be taken to participating pharmacies and public hospitals in a puncture-resistant container such as a coffee or paint tin.

People working with sharps should ensure they’re stored correctly to there’s no risk of harm to anyone who comes into contact with them.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Store sharps in a puncture-proof container (a yellow sharps container)
  • Store containers in a safe place that can’t be accessed by children
  • Do not recap needles before placing them in the container
  • Seal the container lid when full

How do I dispose of Clinical and related waste?

Medical waste containers can be brought into the pharmacies listed below for disposal free of charge. Alternatively you can visit, which gives a comprehensive list of all stores or locations in NSW where sharps can be disposed of safely.

Terry White Chemist
Centro Lavington
Griffith Road
Lavington 2641
Phone: 02 6025 4733

Fifield's Pharmacy
Cnr Dean & Townsend Streets
Albury 2640
Phone: 02 6021 3255

Terry White Chemist
543 Dean Street
Albury 2640
Phone: 02 6021 2714

Mayo's Northend Pharmacy
3/330 Urana Road
Lavington 2641
Phone: 02 6040 2204

Soul Pattinson Chemist
Thurgoona Plaza
Shuter Avenue
Thurgoona  2640
Phone: 02 6043 1444

Chemist Warehouse
483 Olive Street
Albury 2640
Phone: 02 6022 4088

Chemist Warehouse
Shops 3-5, 338 Kaitlers Road
Springdale Heights 2641
Phone: 02 6025 3007