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The NSW Government has taken the time to consider the safest possible trial, that balances the risks and benefits of shared e-scooters.

As part of this trial, Beam’s shared e-scooters will only be allowed on bicycle paths, shared paths and roads which have a speed limit of 50km/h or less. It is illegal to ride e-scooters on footpaths.

Riders are required to be 16 years old and over, wear an approved bike helmet, and will only be able to travel at 10km/h on shared paths and a maximum speed of 20km/h on a road, bicycle lane or bicycle path.

Riders are also subject to the same drink and drug driving laws as motor vehicle drivers, and if they are caught drink or drug riding, serious penalties apply.

The Albury trial area has also undergone a Road Safety Audit which has helped Council identify and address any safety risks.