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In managing street and off-street parking in Albury we balance the needs of residents, commuters, shoppers and visitors. Our rangers patrol the city’s parking areas to make sure this balance is working.

Recent Parking Changes in the CBD

Council recently made the following changes to timed parking in the CBD:

Street Between Current Zoning Changed Zoning
Reserve Street Hume and Smollett All-Day 2-Hour (north end only)
Olive Street Hume and Smollett All-Day 2-Hour
Smollett Street Townsend and Kiewa 2-Hour 1-Hour
Smollett Street Kiewa and Olive 2-Hour 30-Min/1-Hour/15-Min
Swift Street Olive and David 2-Hour 1-Hour
Smollett Street Thurgoona and Wodonga Place All-Day 2-hour (north side only)
Olive Street Guinea and Wilson 2-Hour All-Day
Volt Lane Top two levels 3-Hour All-Day

The changes are designed to deliver more equitable parking arrangements in these streets so that more residents, workers and shoppers can get the parking spots they need.

As part of that aim, we’ll be changing the top two levels of the Volt Lane multideck car park from 3-hour parking to all-day parking to further improve the options to shoppers and CBD workers. All-day car parking can also be found at the Kiewa Street multi-deck, or on-street south of Hume Street.

Download our Albury CBD Parking Map to find out more about the changed parking time limits.

Albury CBD Parking Map

Albury CBD Parking Map

Albury Parking

Myer Centrepoint 160 All day
Myer Centrepoint 350 3 hour
Myer Centrepoint 155 2 hour
Myer Centrepoint 11 30 min
Westend Plaza 134 All day
Westend Plaza 420 3 hour
Westend Plaza 35 1 hour
SS&A Club 558 All day
Wilson Street Car Park 343 All day
Kiewa Street Car Park 711 All day
Volt Lane Car Park 289 3 hour
Volt Lane Car Park (Levels 4 and 5) 208 All day
David Street Car Park 168 3 hour

Lavington Parking

Centro Lavington 794 All day
Big W Car Park (East) 79 All day
Big W Car Park (West) 132 All day
Coles Lavington 168 All day
Griffith Road Car Park 64 All day
Sanders Road Car Park 45 All day
Waugh Road Car Park 84 All day

Parking Permits

Residential parking permits

Albury does not have a residential parking scheme that gives parking rights in certain streets to residents only.

However, we currently have an interim arrangement for a few streets in inner Albury where only residents and people working in businesses in those streets are allowed to park. This measure is under review.

Commercial vehicle permits

You may need a commercial vehicle parking permit to use a commercial loading zone or regulated parking bay for a set period of time.

The rules for loading zones are:

  • The only vehicles you can park in a loading zone are those designed mainly to carry goods (trucks, vans etc.)
  • You can only use a loading zone for loading or unloading goods
  • You can stay in a loading zone for no more than 30 minutes
  • A station wagon or three-wheeled goods-carrying vehicle can use a loading zone for no more than 15 minutes.

To use a loading zone or a regulated parking bay for more than the allowed 30 (or 15) minutes, you will need to submit an application form for a parking permit and pay a fee. For some activities you may also need to supply a traffic control plan. Please contact us (02 6023 8111) for more information about requirements for this permit.

Disability parking permit

The Mobility Parking Scheme provides permits for people who have a mobility disability to park in spaces in Albury that have a disabled parking sign.