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Organic material collected in your green lidded bin gets turned into quality compost. This is a valuable resource for the agriculture, horticulture and viticulture industry.

When organic materials are not composted and buried in traditional landfill it adds pressure on already-limited landfill space.

The Kitchen Caddy

Kitchen Caddies (bench top ‘mini-bins’) are available to all households. These are a clean and easy way to collect organics, especially indoors. They come with an annual supply of Council approved Halve Waste compostable liners that can be tied up when full and placed directly into the green lidded bin.

Compostable Liners

Compostable can be defined as materials that break down and return to the environment, however, they also provide the environment with nutrients once completely decomposed.

All residents in Albury, Federation, Wodonga and Indigo Shire Councils are provided with a year’s supply of compostable liners annually. Please remember that the compostable liners supplied by your local council are the only liners you can use. Sadly, biodegradable, degradable or normal plastic bags or bin liners DO NOT DECOMPOSE and can actually contaminate the contents of the green lidded organic bin.

If you run out of liners, you can line your kitchen caddy with paper towel, newspapers or empty organic materials straight into your organics bins. Small rolls (25 liners) are also available, free of charge, from your local council.

For further information about the kitchen caddy or compostable liners please email or contact HalveWaste

Reducing your power bills

By using energy wisely and adopting energy-saving measures, you can save money and cut down on energy wastage at home while meeting your needs for convenience and comfort.