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Charles Sturt University and TAFE NSW

A partnership with Charles Sturt University and TAFE NSW is building a framework to expand our knowledge economy and encourage growth

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the three organisations in July 2019, formalised what was already a strong working relationship between council and the two education providers, providing a foundation to improve Albury’s social, economic and environmental outcomes.

The agreement empowers the three organisations to work proactively together to develop new educational opportunities, thereby creating economic growth that will attract new residents and confirm the city’s place as a leading provider of education across all sectors.

Under the terms of the MoU, the three organisations will support each other in a collaborative push to progress infrastructure development and promote Albury’s liveability, educational and business opportunities. It will also encourage greater integration of Charles Sturt University and TAFE NSW initiatives in Albury. The partnership is also expected to deliver benefits beyond the education sector by paving the way for collaborative work on significant developments and existing partnerships.

These opportunities include:

  • Planning for the Thurgoona Education Precinct, including giving consideration to Albury 2030 and the Thurgoona Wirlinga Structure Plan
  • Planning for the Albury Health Precinct
  • The Smart Community Framework (in partnership with the Wodonga Council), and
  • Ongoing progress in the Two Cities One Community initiative, with a focus on such as issues as cross-border anomalies, transport improvements and further enhancements to the city’s innovative waste management processes

As the partnership continues, the city’s long-term future will be assessed and further work will be undertaken to harness the combined strengths of all three organisations towards the development and growth of the community.

There will be further synergies to promote growth, particularly in the Thurgoona-Wirlinga growth area where Charles Sturt University and TAFE NSW maintain high profile presences. Ultimately, by providing improved training for the workforce of the future, the landmark MoU will create growth and benefits that will flow into the wider community and cement Albury Wodonga’s role as a ‘smart city’ that’s ready to catch the wave of technological and social changes that will define future generations.