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Dean Street banner display

City banners promote community events, conferences (approved community theme), not for profit sporting clubs and organisations, charitable groups, tourism and cultural organisations and other events of public benefit.

Banners are to promote events and activities within the Albury region. Banners of a commercial nature must be designed to attract visitors to the area, support or sponsor a local event or portray a message of community support.

Banners that could be perceived as benefiting a political party, or overtly religious activities that could be perceived as divisive are not permitted.

Banner Locations

  • Dean Street – West End
  • Dean Street – East End

Dean Street Banner Terms & Conditions

Please read before proceeding


  • Please note: maximum two (2) consecutive week period and four (4) total displays per annum.
  • Bookings will be processed in order of date of booking on a first in/first served basis
  • The maximum period banners can be booked in advance is twelve months and the booking is subject to availability of space. This includes commercial, charity, not for profit, government, value-in-kind clients.
  • It is recommended that bookings are lodged at least 60 days prior to the requested display period.
  • A proof of final banner design is required prior to approval and installation – do this prior to going to print to avoid changes

Hire period

  • Banners are limited to a two consecutive week maximum display period with a maximum of four (4) displays per year for any business or group.
  • The installation of banners depends on traffic, weather and the number of banners being installed so there may be delays from time to time.


  • AlburyCity reserves the right to cancel any bookings up to 30 days before the start date of the hire period (or at any time before installation if booked less than 30 days in advance).
  • AlburyCity will not be liable for any costs arising from the cancellation but will refund the booking fee if the cancellation is not due to the hirer’s request.
  • The hirer acknowledges and accepts that AlburyCity may, at any time during the hire period, remove the hirer’s banners
PLEASE NOTE: AlburyCity reserves the right to utilise the banner service for business purposes at our own discretion.

Fees and charges

For information around pricing, please email us:

*Costs include erection and dismantling costs, including GST. Subject to recommended 6% increase July 1 each calendar year.

Please note: cost of banner to be built by sign writer at hirer's own cost.

Banner Design & Production

  • The hirer is to meet all costs relating to the artwork, maintenance and production of banners.
  • Banners must conform to the specifications outlined below
  • Banners must be clearly tagged on the outside of the banner to identify the organisation and appropriate contact person
  • Banners must be manufactured from 670gm PVC Ripstop OR with 150mm diameter reinforced holes centrally placed every metre (1000mm) to allow wind penetration.
  • Banner edges must be sewn down with a 50mm wide triple seam thickness of material around all edges to prevent tearing
  • To facilitate straining by tensioning cables, 50mm seatbelt webbing is to be sewn 500mm from each end, top and bottom of the banner. A heavy gauge welded “D” ring should be sewn into the webbing at each corner
  • At 300mm centres across the top seam of the banner, to enable attachment to guy wire, NO. 7A (12mm diameter) brass eyelets on reinforced patches are to be sewn into the seam for the full width of the banner. Eyelets are to be centred 25mm from the top of the banner
  • Banner is 12 metres in length and 1.2 metres in height
  • Logo recognition (including corporate/sponsor logos, lock-ups and naming rights) must not exceed 20% of the total surface area of each banner design.
  • Signwriting completed to an acceptable standard using waterproof, low toxicity paint on both sides of the banner
  • Vinyl lettering and images must be securely attached and affixed to both sides of the banner.


  • All banners need to be delivered to Parks & Gardens Office at the Albury Botanic Gardens at least three working days before the installation date.
  • Late delivery and incorrectly labelled banners may result in a delay in installation.  Please ensure the banner is clean and tidy and in good repair - check all edges, webbing and eyelets prior to delivery.
  • All banners are installed and dismantled early on weekday mornings (subject to access – eg traffic, weather conditions).

Banner Return & Removal

  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to collect and check the banner following display. AlburyCity does not take any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged banners.
  • Banners may need to be removed in the event of inclement weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Damaged banners may be repaired and reinstalled in consultation with the hirer. Any costs incurred for dismantling, repair and re-installation of damaged banners are at the hirer’s expense.
  • Banners should be collected from the Parks & Gardens Office within two weeks of removal. Council is unable to provide storage, the banner remains the property and responsibility of the applicant.

Indemnity and Insurance

The hirer indemnifies council for any and all harm that may arise as a consequence of the design, manufacture, installation and general state of repair of the banner.

The hirer is to have and maintain, and provide proof of, a broad form public liability insurance policy in an amount not less than $20M for the duration that the banner is displayed by AlburyCity.

More information

If you have any questions or specific requirements please contact:

Tina Giles
Phone: 02 6023 8771

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