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Albury's water cycle

Explore the journey of AlburyCity’s water from its source and discover how every drop is carefully managed to ensure safe drinking water and promote sustainable environmental practices in our community.

Welcome to Albury’s Water Cycle!

Our comprehensive infographic vividly depicts the journey of our city's water, from its source
to your tap and back to the environment in a sustainable loop. Let’s take a closer look into the fascinating process that ensures we have safe, clean drinking water while also protecting our environment.

From Source to Tap

Sourcing Our Water

AlburyCity’s drinking water begins its journey in the majestic Murray River, sourced from Lake Hume. The waters of Lake Hume are fed by rain and snowmelt runoff from the upstream Murray and the Mitta Mitta Rivers.

Pumping and Treating Water

Our infographic highlights three Raw Water Pump Stations on the Murray River below
Hume Dam which supply AlburCity’s drinking water. These stations pump source water to our Water Treatment Plant. Here, the water undergoes treatment and filtration processes to ensure it’s safe and good quality for consumption.

Distribution Network

Once treated, the clean water is pumped via the Main Water Pump Station to various storage facilities throughout Albury. From these storages, smaller Water Pump Stations distribute the water through a network of reticulation Service Mains, delivering it right to your homes, workplaces, and recreational areas.

What Happens After Use

Collecting Wastewater

After the water is used, whether it’s from your bathroom, kitchen, or workplace, it becomes wastewater (or sewage). This wastewater is collected through an extensive system of pipes and Sewer Pump Stations scattered throughout Albury. All collected wastewater is then transported to Albury’s Main Sewer Pump Station where it is pumped it to our Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Treating and Recycling Wastewater

At the Wastewater Treatment Plants, the wastewater undergoes a process which removes and eliminates contaminants and converts it into waste water that can be returned to the water cycle. The resulting recycled water is stored in a large dam which is then pumped through the Recycled Water Pump Station and put to good use, such as managing flows in the Wonga Wetland system and irrigating tree plantations and pastures.

Managing Biosolids

The treatment process also produces biosolids, which are carted away from the Wastewater Treatment Plant for disposal, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Our water cycle demonstrates AlburyCity's commitment to sustainability, ensuring we not only provide safe drinking water but also recycle and repurpose wastewater to benefit our community and environment. Explore our infographic to see this vital process in action and understand how every drop is carefully managed.