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We accept some plastic and paper for free.

We can recycle hard plastics such as outside furniture and toys. We can also accept some soft plastics such as heavy duty film wrap, shrink-wrap, clear and black plastic. This will be at our discretion.

But please keep in mind, we cannot recycle your hard and soft plastics unless they are separated.

RedCycle in partnership with Coles, Woolworths (and some of Australia’s most-loved brands) can recycle your soft plastics. You can drop your soft plastics into your nearest REDcycle collection bin and RED Group will do the rest. REDcycle bins are typically located near the checkout. There are currently a few different types of REDcycle bins in use depending on the store so please ask at the customer service desk if you can’t locate the bin.

There are participating supermarkets all around Australia. Find the REDcycle drop off point nearest to you.

Paper brought to the Albury Waste Management Centre is sent off-site to be turned into recycled paper. You can drop paper off free but please to be sure to separate it from other products.

The list below explains what paper products we accept.

Accepted Products

Not Accepted Products


Sticky notes and envelopes


Waxed or plastic coated paper

Paper brochures

Binding, bull dog clips, strapping

Paper pamphlets


Officer paper


Copy paper


Shredded paper or trimmings


General board packaging


Hard cover books