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Contact Us | AlburyCity

13 August 2019

Whether you need to speak with someone from the Council, or you’re after some more info that you couldn’t find on the website, there’s always a way to get in touch.

Careers | AlburyCity
Careers | AlburyCity

07 August 2019

We value our employees and their contributions. When you work for us, you can expect a challenging and rewarding work environment and excellent conditions.

Tendering and supply | AlburyCity
Tendering and supply | AlburyCity

23 October 2019

View open tenders, quotations and expressions of interest and find out more about supplying to AlburyCity.

A-Z Form Finder | AlburyCity

11 June 2019

. Hair, Beauty, Skin Penetration Registration. keyboard_arrow_right.. I. L. M. N. O. P. R. S. T. U. . Undetected Leak Rebate Application. keyboard_arrow_right..

Policies and procedures | AlburyCity
Policies and procedures | AlburyCity

24 September 2019

From our code of conduct to our soil and water management policies and procedures, all documents are alphabetically indexed below for easy access.

Have your say | AlburyCity
Have your say | AlburyCity

21 September 2020

Share ideas and have your say on draft plans, policies, strategies, projects and initiatives across Albury.

COVID-19 | AlburyCity

14 April 2020

The safety of our community, customers and people is our top priority.

Online Maps | AlburyCity

16 October 2019

We have a variety of maps to help you explore the City of Albury.

Plan | AlburyCity
Plan | AlburyCity

19 February 2020

Access the guidelines, controls and information resources you'll need to plan your development in our city.

Grants and funding | AlburyCity
Grants and funding | AlburyCity

27 November 2019

We provide a number of financial and in-kind contributions to a diverse range of eligible groups, individuals and organisations. The grants support cultural, creative and sporting opportunities and infrastructure.

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