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Contact Us | AlburyCity

13 August 2019

Whether you need to speak with someone from the Council, or you’re after some more info that you couldn’t find on the website, there’s always a way to get in touch.

Latest News | AlburyCity
Latest News | AlburyCity

17 June 2023

The latest updates from AlburyCity. Stories, photos and videos about our local area.

Tendering and supply | AlburyCity
Tendering and supply | AlburyCity

08 December 2023

View open tenders, quotations and expressions of interest and find out more about supplying to AlburyCity.

A-Z Form Finder | AlburyCity

11 June 2019

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Policies and procedures | AlburyCity
Policies and procedures | AlburyCity

02 February 2024

From our code of conduct to our soil and water management policies and procedures, all documents are alphabetically indexed below for easy access.

Major projects and works | AlburyCity
Major projects and works | AlburyCity

28 April 2022

We're working hard to make Albury a city we're all proud to call home. You can find all the details on our current projects below.

Property | AlburyCity

25 September 2019

We have building standards in place to ensure that all building, renovations and other development work are carried out to a safe standard.

How can we help? | AlburyCity
How can we help? | AlburyCity

28 March 2024

AlburyCity is committed to ensuring that residents are happy with our services, facilities, activities and events, as well as Council decisions. As part of this, it is equally important that we hear from you on issues that matter to you. Two-way communication is critical to ensuring a good relationship with our community.

Business | AlburyCity

21 August 2019

Our aim is to strengthen Albury's competitive economic position. We promote opportunities for businesses to improve productivity and capacity.

COVID-19 | AlburyCity

19 January 2022

The safety of our community, customers and people is our top priority.
We will continue to provide essential council services during the COVID-19 pandemic.