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Heritage Conservation

Identify heritage areas and items in our city and understand the development process to undertake to ensure our rich heritage is preserved.

We are currently undertaking a Heritage Review.

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We're protecting our heritage

There are many significant historic buildings and landmarks within our city that need to be treasured for future generations. We have systems in place to ensure our rich heritage is preserved.

Heritage Council of NSW

The database of heritage item inventories and conservation areas identified in planning instruments is located on the Heritage Council of NSW website.

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Heritage maps

There a number of heritage conservation areas and heritage items in our city. The Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010 details the boundaries of these areas and items in its list of heritage maps.

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Part 7 - Heritage Conservation

Part 7 of the Albury DCP 2010 provides objectives and controls for the management and conservation of heritage conservation areas and heritage items. These objectives and controls ensure that future development occurs in a way that does not detract from recognised heritage values.

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Seek our advice

If your proposed development is located in an heritage area or you're planning works on a heritage item, it’s important to seek advice from us. Get in touch with our Planning team by calling us on 02 6023 8111.

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