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New leadership model looks to future

Thursday 15 August 2019

AlburyCity is taking another major step forward as we transition to our new service model which is designed to enhance our customer focus and ensure we maximise our capacity to service the community in the years ahead.

Last Friday, we advertised nationally for ten Service Leaders – newly-created senior positions that will report directly to our Deputy CEOs, Tracey Squire and Brad Ferris.

With greater authority for operational management and increased accountability for delivery of services and financial outcomes, the Service Leaders will also provide input towards high-level strategic direction across all areas of council.

They will lead service  clusters designed to ensure we deliver on our shared council and community vision towards Albury 2030 and beyond.

Those clusters are:

  • Assets, Sustainability and Environment
  • City Landscapes
  • City Projects
  • City Development
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Business and Lifestyle
  • Strategy and Performance
  • Engagement
  • People and Culture, and
  • Community and Place

Each cluster includes specialist roles and services within Council, focusing on our core pillars of people, place and progress.

This system will allow our CEO and Deputy CEOs to perform more strategically, focusing on the future and creating a more contemporary and streamlined leadership model in line with modern expectations.

The model has been developed in line with our shared council-community vision for the future, Albury 2030, as well as our brand strategy, corporate performance strategy, customer experience strategy, community satisfaction results, leadership framework, and our employee opinion survey outcomes and commitments.

Working with myself as CEO and our two Deputy CEOs, the Service Leaders will play important roles in guiding the city’s growth and development.

It’s part of an exciting new direction for council and while it’s well beyond ‘business as usual’, we will of course continue to provide the services, facilities and direction that our city needs to become an even better place to live, work and invest.

This new direction could not happen without the support and enthusiasm of our community which has driven our combined plans for the future by telling us what’s needed now, and what will be needed in the future – so once again, I thank everyone who’s joined us for this journey so far.

The new model will take effect from 1 October this year.