Our Community Strategic Plan

(Albury 2030)

We plan for Albury's future through our Community Strategic Plan, Albury 2030. This is not a Council plan. It was developed in consultation with the community and outlines what you want to see for Albury's future. Around half of the projects and actions can be delivered by Council and the rest are either partner projects or the responsibility of other agencies and/or you as a member of our community.

We all have a part to play in achieving the aspirations of Albury 2030.

Read the full document - Albury 2030 Community Strategic Plan

Our Strategies

Albury 2030 has four themes. One of the ways we help reach the goals of Albury 2030 is through the development of strategic plans.

Each Theme has a number of AlburyCity strategies and you can see them here:

Community Engagement

We have recently updated our Community Engagement Plan. The new Plan looks at the way our community wants to be engaged and we've used feedback from you to ensure we reach as many people as possible. We have included a wide variety of engagement methods and we follow the principles of the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).

You will see the 2019-2023 Community Engagement Plan here soon.

View the AlburyCity 2014-2018 Community Engagement Strategy

Before we commence a project, event or strategy that may impact you, we complete a Stakeholder (Community) Engagement Plan.

You can view the engagement plans for the development of Albury 2030 below:

Albury 2030 Community Engagement Plan - April 2016

Albury 2030 Community Engagement Plan - March 2012

An 'engagement matrix' is developed prior to commencing the Albury 2030 engagement activity. This considers the best methods of engagement to reach the most people possible for feedback.

Albury 2030 review Engagement Matrix 2016

Albury 2030 review Engagement Matrix 2012

Albury 2030 progress reports

Albury 2030 is a community plan owned by us all. These six month reports show you how the projects and services we are working on come directly from what you told us we needed in Albury 2030.

AlburyCity's Annual Report shows the progress AlburyCity has made towards achieving the outcomes of Albury 2030 over the past year.