Community Strategic Plan (Albury 2030)

Planning for Albury's future is undertaken through our Community Strategic Plan, Albury 2030.
Albury 2030 is not a Council plan – the content was developed in consultation with the community and identifies community aspirations. Approximately half of the projects and actions belong to other agencies. Council, other agencies, stakeholders and the community all have a part to play in achieving the aspirations of the plan.

Read the full document - Albury 2030 Community Strategic Plan

Our Strategies

Albury 2030 is structured around four themes. Each theme has many strategies that are undertaken to help achieve the community aspirations.

See the relevant AlburyCity strategies listed under themes below:

Community Engagement

AlburyCity has a Community Engagement Strategy prepared under the Integrated Planning and Reporting legislation. The strategy identifies the most effective methods of engagement and considers the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) engagement spectrum. The strategy will be reviewed in 2018.

View the AlburyCity 2014-2018 Community Engagement Strategy

Community Engagement plans are developed for all major AlburyCity projects, including the review of the Community Strategic Plan. You can view the engagement plans below:

Albury 2030 Community Engagement Plan - April 2016

Albury 2030 Community Engagement Plan - March 2012

An engagement matrix is developed prior to commencing the Albury 2030 engagement activity. This considers the methods of engagement and the required reach to maximise the consultation opportunity.

Albury 2030 review Engagement Matrix 2016

Albury 2030 review Engagement Matrix 2012

Albury 2030 progress reports

AlburyCity has accepted responsibility for adopting Albury 2030, overseeing its implementation and reporting back to the community on progress.

Below are the most recent six-monthly progress reports:

AlburyCity's Annual Report shows the progress AlburyCity has made towards achieving the outcomes of Albury 2030 over the past year.