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Grant help at the click of a mouse

Thursday 18 February 2021
While our region looks to recover from the latest COVID-19 setback, there’s never been a better time to nurture growth for our businesses and community groups – and new help to make dreams come true is now more easily available at the click of a mouse.

Albury and Wodonga Councils are once again joining forces to help our community grow by launching Grant Guru – a one-stop shop to assist locals to get the government funding they need to make good things happen.

By supporting Grant Guru and establishing the Albury Wodonga Grants Hub – a powerful search engine that connects local people with government funding – the councils are helping to lay the foundations that businesses and community groups need to build bright futures.  

The process enables applicants to search for local, state and federal grant opportunities in one place, streamlining the way in which funds for valuable projects can be researched, applied for and delivered.

The potential benefits to our region are huge. To put the opportunities into perspective, the national grants pool contains more than 1,600 grant possibilities with a total worth of $2.3B – and Albury Wodonga’s potential share could add up to a windfall for local groups.

For the business sector, a successful grant application can create jobs and economic growth by enabling start-up of new ventures or the expansion of existing operations, with agriculture, manufacturing, and sustainability and green technology just some of the sectors that could benefit.

In the community grants space, local groups can access help to, for example, create new festivals, develop sporting facilities, improve education services or protect our environment – all valuable initiatives than can create jobs and growth while also making our community an ever more attractive place to live and work.

Our new Grant Guru website helps to pull all the threads together that make the difference between a successful application and disappointment. With a section on top tips, advice on how to write your application, links to professional grant writers if you want to outsource the process, and a search function to find the right grant for you, the site is a ‘how-to’ for funding success. The platform also allows you to sign up for free email alerts, so you are notified of relevant opportunities.

We’re proud to support this initiative as a way to harness and develop the creativity and drive of our business and community sectors – and best of all, success for grant applicants means success for us all.

Grant Guru is also a great companion to the funding program that AlburyCity offers to community members.

Our program of grants includes funding support opportunities for community and cultural organisations to develop new projects and programs, while we’re also pleased to support our up and coming athletes and other achievers. Also, we have the Economic Development Incentive Program, a discretionary scheme which seeks to attract, expand and support business activities that will deliver significant benefits to the Albury Local Government Area. We also play a leading role in supporting the leaders of the future with AlburyCity scholarships helping students to achieve their dreams, while in a recent partnership, we’ve teamed up with Charles Sturt University to drive growth in leadership and resilience through a new round of special scholarships.

The great thing about grants is that they help to improve communities by rewarding vision, drive and flair with the financial support that brings about changes and improvement.

So, if your group or business has a great idea that might qualify for support, check Grant Guru for help to make your passion a reality. You’ll be helping yourself and your community – and in doing so you can make a difference that may last for generations to come.