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AlburyCity Leadership and Resilience Scholarship

This scholarship will cover the completion of two micro-subjects from the Graduate certificate in Community Leadership and Resilience, Building Community Resilience and Leading Change


Building resilient communities that can survive, recover and thrive in times of disruption has never been more important. We continue to be challenged by significant events – from drought and flood to bushfires and COVID-19. Communities need passionate, capable leaders who can develop strong connections and drive positive change.

Albury City Council is partnering with Charles Sturt University to offer local community members and groups a first-of-its-kind scholarship opportunity.

The Albury City Leadership and Resilience Scholarship will enable recipients to undertake two micro-credentials through Charles Sturt University in 2023.

This initiative boosts the council’s commitment to drive capacity, leadership and growth in the region by supporting residents – particularly those involved in the community – to broaden their knowledge and increase their skills.

If you’re a current or emerging community leader, this is your opportunity to make an impact – on your career, your organisation and your community!


Inclusive Community Engagement

6 March 2023
Approximately 40 hours

Ensuring genuine inclusion of diverse and disadvantaged sections of communities in decision-making and governance continues to be a key community engagement challenge.

This subject focusses on inclusive community engagement approaches that aim to meet this challenge. Moreover, inadequate progress on social and ecological imperatives and declining trust in social institutions has led to a proliferation of regulatory and legislative obligations around community engagement and to a 'participatory turn' in theory and practice.

Alongside a critical overview of core perspectives in community engagement, this subject gives particular attention to participatory approaches in the 21st century.

Transformational Leadership

26 June 2023
Approximately 40 hours

It is difficult in today’s cynical and complex world for leaders to gain trust from their stakeholders both internal and external.

Transformative leadership takes a long-term, values and ethically based view of leadership that focuses on shared value for stakeholders and the broader society.

This subject is an opportunity for students to explore how their leadership style may contribute to the development of community resilience. Students will examine leadership styles through a variety of conceptual lenses – transformational leadership, servant leadership charismatic leadership, principle-centred leadership, level 5 leadership and covenantal leadership – all of which contribute to transformative leadership.

The subject is designed to assist students in evaluating and make recommendations for their own leadership style and the styles exhibited in their organisations.


  • Approximately 40 hours per subject.
  • This includes online learning and a two-day face-to-face workshop.
  • Though these subjects are at a tertiary level, no prior study is required.

As Australia’s most experienced online uni, we know what it takes to study online and will provide all the support and guidance you’ll need to succeed.

The workshop offers a valuable opportunity to interact and network with peers while being guided by your subject coordinator.

Who should apply?

This scholarship is ideal if you:

  • work in a community related organisation
  • are involved in community groups and activities
  • want to gain knowledge and skills to have impact in your community
  • work closely with the community in a service capacity, including human services, health, disability or education
  • are a volunteer
  • are an emerging leader (including youth)
  • are an emergency service worker
  • work in a small or medium enterprise or are an entrepreneur.

To participate you must reside in the Albury City LGA and provide supporting documentation, such as a utility bill. You’ll also be considered if you live outside the LGA but work in Albury or live outside the LGA but are involved in a community group that is based in Albury. In both cases, supporting documentation must be provided.

Further information

For more information, please contact

Further study

Completion of these two micro-credentials earns you credit (4pts) towards the Graduate Certificate in Community Leadership and Resilience (32pts). To find out more about opportunities to develop your skill set, particularly focused on building community, relationships and capable leaders, explore micro-credentials at Charles Sturt.

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