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Community Satisfaction Survey

Tuesday 22 March 2022
The Community Satisfaction Survey is carried out every two years to understand and identify community priorities, explore resident experiences when contacting Council, and measure overall satisfaction with Council's performance.

AlburyCity residents have given Council their tick of approval, with 90% saying they are somewhat satisfied, satisfied or very satisfied with the performance of Council over the last 12 months.

In February 400 local residents were randomly contacted by telephone for the Community Satisfaction Survey, conducted by independent partner, Micromex Research.

The survey aims to understand and identify community priorities, explore resident experiences when contacting Council, and measure overall satisfaction with Council's performance over 57 different service areas.

Despite a marginal decline in overall satisfaction since the last survey in 2020, at 90%, AlburyCity satisfaction levels are significantly higher than other regional Council's, whose combined satisfaction was an average of 83%.

Satisfaction with ease of contact with Council was a strong result at 92%, how the contact was handled was at 84%, and residents indicated that they were satisfied with Council's level of communication at 87%.

In addition, residents are generally satisfied with the 57 services surveyed, with the majority having satisfaction ratings of 70% or higher.

Acting CEO Tracey Squire said the survey was about better understanding the community, and ensuring that Council focusses its efforts in the right areas.

"I'm pleased to see that our residents have such a high level of satisfaction with the services that we provide on their behalf, and that we are outperforming our regional counterparts," said Ms Squire.

"Perhaps most importantly, the survey highlights areas for improvement, which we will focus on moving forward."

"We have heard that a key driver for overall satisfaction is Council's focus on long-term planning, with the work we are undertaking in developing the 'Albury 2050 Community Strategic Plan' providing our guiding light for the future of our region.

"Our 'Two Cities One Community' Partnership with Wodonga Council, and the 'Albury Wondonga Cross Border Regional Deal' are also key strategies in planning for our regions' future," Ms Squire explained.

Other key drivers of satisfaction through the survey include the communities input into Council decision-making, providing Council information to the community, riverside parks, and town planning decisions.

"Our communities feedback provides us with a clear message on where we should be focusing our efforts, and how we can continue to improve, and I'd like to thank all those that contributed," added Ms Squire.

The full 2022 Community Satisfaction Survey results can be found on the AlburyCity website.

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