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Milestone reached for Nexus

Thursday 3 September 2020
A major construction project that has literally been taking place underground has provided a milestone in the development of the Nexus Industrial Precinct north of Albury.

Contractors are in the final stages of completing four kilometres of gravity trunk sewer main that will open the way for new businesses to invest at Nexus, eventually creating a 24/7 industrial powerhouse that will employ thousands of people.

The main was bored through the ground at a depth of up to nine metres, rather than the traditional method of digging a long, deep trench from the surface.

By using ‘trenchless’ construction, we’ve been able to complete the massive project with little or no effect on the surrounding environment.

For the technically-minded, the tunnel was bored using a laser-guided system - resulting in greater grade accuracy - and a drill head fitted with a closed-circuit camera.

The works are scheduled for completion at the end of this month.

Importantly, the project is delivering the sewerage infrastructure that, coupled with power, gas and digital connectivity, will ensure the industrial land parcels at Nexus are fully serviced so that investors can develop large industries on site.

Once fully developed, Nexus is expected to deliver more than $1.5B in gross regional product for the Albury economy, eventually creating an estimated 9,400 jobs over the next 30 years.

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