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Hang out and watch the flying foxes

Thursday 4 June 2020
We are building a flying fox viewing platform at West Albury to keep both animals and humans safe.

The platform, alongside the Wagirra Trail near the Kremur Street boat ramp, provides excellent views of the flying fox colony at Leaney’s Bend.

We’re asking community members to use the platform rather than walking beneath the trees where the flying foxes live to reduce the risk of the animals abandoning the colony and moving to a less suitable location. For this reason, it’s especially important not to allow dogs near the colony.

Flying foxes are an important part of the ecosystem. As major pollinator for native plants, a fall in their numbers would cause a decline in the health of native vegetation so it’s important to ensure the animals are protected from the stress that human interaction can cause.

It’s also important to remember that flying foxes can carry a disease harmful to people so it’s crucial to keep your distance – and of course, never attempt to touch them.

Completed in June 2020, our new platform provides a great way of seeing these amazing animals in their natural habitat. The platform will include binoculars to make it easier to see the colony, so please enjoy the view from a safe distance.

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