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Call for care at Swift St crossing

Monday 29 June 2020
Pedestrians and motorists have been urged to take care around a new pedestrian crossing currently under construction in Swift Street, between the Albury Entertainment Centre and the Wilson Street car park.

The raised crossing has been built and is available for pedestrians to use.

New lights to illuminate the crossing are now being installed but until the lights are erected, the crossing will not be designated as ‘pedestrian priority’. This means that for now, pedestrians crossing the road should give way to all vehicles.

A full zebra crossing will be constructed when the lights are installed, meaning pedestrians will then have right of way and vehicles will have to give way to people on foot.

The lights and new crossing markings are scheduled for completion by the end of September,

In the meantime, signage remains in place to remind pedestrians to give way to vehicles during the transition phase. Pedestrians should check carefully for oncoming traffic before crossing and allow all vehicles to safely pass before setting foot on the crossing.

The community will be advised when the full zebra crossing is in place.

Thanks for your co-operation and for taking extra precautions while the works continue.

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