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Clean water the main aim

Tuesday 22 October 2019
Water mains in Lavington, Springdale Heights and Hamilton Valley will be scoured clean from next week, as the next stage of an ongoing operation to keep clean, clear water flowing through local taps.

In a process known as air scouring, a mixture of compressed air and water will be forced through the mains at high velocity, blasting naturally-occurring sediment into a hydrant.

Scouring does not require the use of chemicals. It is also a highly water-efficient means of cleaning mains, ensuring we use minimal amounts of water to deliver clean mains that carry high quality drinking water. Scouring uses around 40% of the water conventional flushing uses allowing us to save water in the long run.

However, immediately after the mains are cleaned, some residents may notice discoloured water flowing from taps for a short period of time. We recommend householders in the affected areas run their taps for a short period of time to ensure the water is clear before drinking or washing laundry.

The cleaning process can also cause your tap water to appear “cloudy” or “milky”. This effect is caused by tiny air bubbles making their way into the system and the water is perfectly safe to consume.

If you notice this cloudy water after the mains have been cleaned, pour a glass of water and watch as the water begins to clear from the bottom up as the air bubbles make their way to the surface.

If, however, you continue to notice discoloured water please contact council on 02 60 238 111.

The cleaning will be carried out between 9 am and 3.30 pm Monday through to Saturday from 31 October to 28 November.

Residents and business owners will be notified of upcoming cleaning operations through public notices in the Border Mail, social media posts, radio programs along with letter box notifications.

We thank you for your co-operation as we work towards ensuring our tap water remains clean, healthy and safe.

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