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Bunton Park Upgrades

The upgrade of sports field lighting and design development of priority buildings at Bunton Park

About this project

The Bunton Park Master Plan was developed to provide a long term strategic approach to improvements at Bunton Park. The Master plan was endorsed by Council in May 2020.

Funding has been allocated to commence the works from the master plan. Projects include:

  • Sports field lighting project - construction of new sports ground  lighting (to playing standards) and electrical upgrade - $335,000.  The The North Albury Football and Netball Club has secured funding from the NSW Government and AFL towards the project.
  • Building design work - The upgrade of canteen and public toilets have been identified as the priority project while netball change facilities will also be considered. Funding will allow design work for these facilities to progress - $65,000
  • Oval fencing and seating upgrade -  The upgrade of oval fencing with recycled plastic pickets and seating upgraded from timber to aluminium

8 June 2022

The remaining two light poles have been erected and power connected. The lights are scheduled to be switched on at Thursday nights training. The Club has also commenced the concrete work around the ground in preparation of installing new seating.



20 May 2022

Two of the light poles have been erected while the other two poles are prepared and scheduled to be erected next week. Note the size difference between the old light poles and the new light poles.

BuntLights 20-05-22

BuntLights 20-05-22a

BuntLights 20-05-22b

14 April 2022

The four light pole fountains have been installed as well as the concrete slab for the main switchboard.

BuntLights 14-04-22

BuntLights 14-04-22a

BuntLights 14-04-22b

1 April 2022

Preparation for installation of electrical conduits is underway. The bitumen has been saw cut while the dismantling of the old oval fencing has commenced. The small shelter has been removed to allow one of the light poles to be installed. A sample of the new picket fence has been installed

BuntLights 01-04-22

BuntLights 01-04-22a

BuntLights 01-04-22b

18 February 2022

Sports field lighting project - The foundation cages  have been delivered to site while conduits have been installed across the ground.

BuntLights 18-02-22

BuntLights 18-02-22a

1 October 2021

Sports field lighting project - Lighting design is complete and material quotations process underway

Building design work -  A review of the sports club building continues

15 May 2021

Sports field lighting project - The lighting design is complete and provided to the club. An electrical plan is being developed

Building design work -  A review of the sports club building continues

26 March 2021

Sports field lighting project - The lighting design for the  site is being prepared which the electrical planning is underway. On-ground works will be included in the 2021-22 works program.

Building design work -  a review of the old sports Club building is underway