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Volleyball is a great social game and the perfect way to have a bit of fun and exercise with friends. The game can be modified to suit all ages and abilities.

The volleyball courts and equipment are available for casual hire by schools, community and corporate groups, teams and casual groups.

We have a fantastic social competition with games played on Monday nights from 6.30pm.

Current Season Commences: 31 July 2023
Game Time Monday nights, from 7pm
Duration Games are played over 60 minutes. 3 sets are played during this time. The winner is the first team to win 2 sets.
If time permits, the third set may go to 25 points, otherwise the set will be played to 15 points with a 2 point lead to win that set.
Participant numbers and genders. 6 players on the court at any one time with at least 2 female and 2 male players at all times. The game may commence with 4 players on a team
Team Registration Fee $246.00 per team
Match Fee $68.50 per team/per game
Season Information

Generally there are 2 seasons of sports each year at the Sports Centre which align with school semesters and are of a length of at least 20 weeks (inclusive of finals), these seasons are:

  • Summer Season – February-June
  • Winter Season – July-December

Competitions cease for the School holidays.

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