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Over 160,000 participants per year use the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre for a range of sports and activities.

Built in 1984, the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre is proudly owned and operated by AlburyCity.

The Sports Centre staff are part of Council's Leisure Facilities team.

The facility is a five court multipurpose venue with change rooms, heating and cooling, extensive kiosk facilities, ancillary meetings rooms, onsite parking and Free WiFi.

More than 160,000 participants use the sports centre each year for a range of sports and activities.

So if you`re seriously into your sport, you need to visit the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre, where you`ll find a fantastic range of programs and competitions to suit all ages.

The former Albury Sports Stadium was renamed the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre on Saturday 22 October 2011, in honour of home grown women's basketball superstar Lauren Jackson.

Lauren unveiled new signage and officially opened the newly named sports centre.

At the time Lauren said, "I'm very excited but humbled to have the sports centre named in my honour. I'm grateful to the Albury City Council and people of Albury for this recognition. Wherever I go in the world I always consider myself a country girl from Albury and it will indeed always be my home. I'm very proud to have this connection to a city I love and can represent".

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