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Explore our driving and riding past and learn how vehicular transport has shaped our community.

The Albury region has a long history of transport and automotive innovation. From Sunday driving in the countryside to the thrills and excitement of the Hume Weir Racetrack, Accelerate explored our driving and riding past, as well as local inventions that have made an impact locally and on the world stage. All things car, bike and motorcycle were celebrated as we investigated how vehicular transport has shaped our community.

Hume Weir Circuit Programmes
Blacklocks Cycle & Motor Works with 4 cars and 2 or 3 bikes and a lot of people standing. Photograph. Sepia. Thelma Studios, Wang & B'worth, 1915. ARM 09.398.
Sixteen cyclists standing beside their bikes in front of Albury Cycle Agency. Four of them are wearing dark-coloured Swift shirts under coats, 1896. ARM 12.679.
Murray Valley Coaches Luggage Tag. ARM 12.965.
Black and white photograph of Borg Warner staff with the one millionth transmission manufactured. ARM 15.1027.
Murray Valley Coaches' articulated coach with Mavis O'Brien (later Stokes) standing on roof passing National Building, Mid States Radio, American Dry Cleaners, National Bank, Hoysted Bros Saddlers, 1947. ARM 17.827.1.
Blacklocks Garage 1920. ARM 88.261.10.
Black and white postcard of parade of eight Ford Open Tourer cars in Dean Street, Albury. Mechanics Institute on extreme right, Albury Town Hall, roof of Albury Court House and Albury Post Office on extreme left. Large crowd of spectators, other motor vehicles and horse drawn vehicles parked along the street. Cars are drapped with banners advertising Ford motor vehicles and Blacklocks Garage in Kiewa Street, Albury. 1914. ARM 85.165.
Man in three-piece suit and cap holding The Relay motorised bicycle in front of bushes and trees in a garden. ARM 88.261.8.
Blacklock's Garage and Staff, 1920. ARM 88.261.10.
Hume Weir Motor Racing Circuit 1970s.
Four blythe spirits and a long road ahead. Nancy Sarre.
Rally Cross Circuit Wodonga Place 1980s.
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