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CSU Guide for HSC Students

CSU Guide for HSC Students is an online study resource for HSC students created by Charles Sturt University, with information for all major HSC subjects and courses.

This guide will offer you resources, information and advice, that will help you during preparation for your HSC.

CSU Guide for HSC Students

Writing Home: World War One eResource

The Writing Home: WWI Letters of Frank Brown eResource is designed for students and teachers studying WWI. The resource contains extracts from letters written by Captain Lew Hewish during World War One to his friend, Frank Brown. Both men were from Albury and the letters offer a fascinating insight into the battle and home front experiences of men from the Albury region during this period. The resource includes recorded and transcribed extracts plus extended transcripts of full letters for study and research. The resource also includes suggested activities based on the letters for classroom use.

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Collection Records

Audio Recordings

Recorded excerpts from letters written by Captain Les Hewish to Frank Brown.

8 January 1915, Liverpool
7 November 1915, Gallipoli
13 February 1916, Zeitoum
4 August 1916, France
22 October 1916
8 December 1916, France
24 January 1917, France
5 February 1917

Interactive Education Resource

An education resource for upper primary and secondary students based on the WWI letters of Australian soldier Les Hewish to his friend Frank Brown. The resource includes extracts from the letters, audio recordings and full transcripts of a selection of the letters. The resource includes suggested activities for students exploring the letters as primary sources for learning about WWI.

Download the iBook

Interactive Education Resource [PDF 134.472]

Fighting the Battle of Ideas About Conscription: The Albury Wodonga District During the Great War

The study guide and accompanying videos below were produced by Dr Bruce Pennay, as teaching and learning materials for use in Albury Wodonga district secondary schools on mandatory topics in the Australian History Curriculum. They are designed to assist students in investigating primary sources related to the causes, conduct and consequences of the two conscription referenda in 1916 and 1917, with a particular focus on the Albury and Wodonga district.

Fighting the Battle of Ideas About Conscription Education Resource [PDF]

Referenda Campaigns and Results [MP4]

Referenda Campaigns and Results Transcript [Word]

The Enemy Within [MP4]

The Enemy Within Transcript [Word]

Online Investigation Activity Sheet

Students can follow the instructions to research primary sources relating to the referenda and their impact on Australia.

Online Investigation Activity Sheet [PDF]

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