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Waites Park Murals

The idea behind the project is to highlight the good parts of our community.

Waites Park and Browns Lagoon are part of the extensive flood catchment area found in South Albury. They are connected through a series of open drainpipes and catchment basins and are an integral part of the Albury floodplain management scheme, working to reduce the risk of flooding for our city.

A new pair of binoculars has appeared looking out across Waites Park in South Albury towards Browns Lagoon. Mural artist Kade Sarte has transformed another piece of Albury infrastructure from functional to fantastic. The new bird watcher looks out from two drainpipes in the west with a collection of feathery friends for company. Her focus is on the rich wild life found nesting around Browns Lagoon.

Browns Lagoon is a diverse habitat for lots of local wild life including all manner of water birds and a well fed Ibis, or two. There is an extensive flock of Galah that feed on the grass seeds at Waites Park. It was scenes such as this that Kade used for inspiration in his work to create something extremely local to South Albury.

On the opposite side of the park muralist Kristina Greenwood, or Banana Joe as she is commonly known round town, has also been transforming her own drain way. Banana Joes’ design ideas came from the beautiful reeds and rich flora and fauna found in and around the lagoon area adjacent to the area she has been painting.

Kade Sarte and Kristina Greenwood
South Albury

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