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State Members Walk

The State Members Walk is a celebration of the State Members of Parliament from our region and the significant achievements made by them, over the ages, for the city of Albury.

The Walk is situated along the eastern footpath of the Hume Highway from Amatex Street towards the Harold Mair Bridge. It can be enjoyed as a leisurely stroll from one group of Members to the next, reading the information along the way.

The Members are in Chronological Order, beginning with Sir George Macleay in 1856 and represents twenty-six past State Members from our region. It gives a fascinating insight into the European history of the area over the past one hundred and sixty-five years.

Each Member is represented with an etched image and a description. This tells the story of where each man come from and the often-interesting ways they arrived in Albury, as well as their major achievements during their time in office. Many of their names are recognizable from the street names and bridges around town that take their name from these significant members of Albury’s past.

Along this Walk you can read about the significant changes to the city through the ages, from paddle steamers, and flour mills, new schools and hospitals, hotels and vineyards and police stations. This collective group of men helped build the foundations of what modern Albury now looks like, they gave the area a voice in Sydney and helped shape Albury as a significant regional center in NSW.

List of Members include:

Sir George Macleay, Member for Murrumbidgee, 1856-1859 – 3years

Sir John Hay, Member for Murrumbidgee, 1856-1859 – 3 years

Morris Asher, Member for Hume, 1859-1860 – 1 year

Thomas Hodges Mate, Member for Hume, 1860-1869 – 9 years

James Thomas Fallon, Member for Hume, 1870-1872 – 2 years

James McLaurin, Member for Hume, 1872-1873 – 1 year

Thomas Robertson, Member for Hume, 1873-1874 – 1 year

George Day, Member for Hume, 1874-1880 and for Albury, 1880-1889 – total 15 years

John Wilkinson, Member for Albury, 1889-1895 – 6 years

Richard Thomas Ball, Member fir Albury 1895-1898 – 3 years

Thomas Hunter Griffith, Member for Albury, 1898-1904- 6 years

Gordon Ranald McLaurin, Member for Albury 1904-1913 – 9 years

John Joseph Cusack, Member for Albury 1913-1917 - 4 years

Arthur Gibson Manning, Member for Albury 1917-1920 – 3 years

William Joseph O’Brien, Member for Murray, 1920-1925 – 5 years

Sir George Stephenson Beeby, Member for Murray 1920 – 4 months and 21 days

Matthew Kilpatrick, Member fir Murray, 1920-1925 – 5 years

Vernon William Edward Goodin, Member for Murray, 1925-1927 – 2 years

John Ross, Member for Albury,1927-1930 – 3 years

Joseph John Fitzgerald, Member for Albury 1930-1933 – 3 years

Alexander Mair, Member for Albury, 1932-1946 and Premier 1939-1941 – total 14 years

Cornelius John Hurley, Member for Albury 1946-1947 – 1 years

Dudley Gordon Padman, Member for Albury 1947-1965 – 18 years

Gordon Charlton Mackie, Member for Albury 1965-1978 – 13 years

Ian Doric Glachan OAM, Member for Albury, 1988-2003 – 15 years

State Members Walk
East Albury

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