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Sport and Recreation Grant Program

Provides eligible not-for-profit community organisations to seek funding for facilities upgrades, develop business plans, forward planning documents or feasibility studies for sporting and recreation facilities within the Albury area.

The AlburyCity Sports and Recreation Grant Program is open all year round.


We provide funding for not-for-profit sport and recreation organisations to undertake infrastructure improvements, business planning or feasibility studies related to the development of their sport.


  • The applicant must be an incorporated organisation (and able to provide a Certificate of Incorporation) or be auspiced by an organisation deemed suitable by AlburyCity
  • Applicants must not have an outstanding debt (an unpaid invoice issued by AlburyCity longer than 2 months prior to the closing date of the grant program)
  • Projects must be for a project based in Albury. For a portable infrastructure project or planning projects, a significant portion of the applicant's activities and/or users should be based in Albury
  • Applications for retrospective funding (projects started or completed prior to the closing date of the grant program) are not eligible
  • Applications for maintenance costs, running costs and wages/salaries are not eligible
  • Applications for furnishings, fixtures, floor coverings or appliances are not eligible
  • Applications for minor equipment are not eligible
  • Projects that are not considered to be able to be completed within the required timeframe of the grant program are not eligible
  • An application which is not sufficiently completed and does not sufficiently meet the requirements of the guidelines for the grants is not eligible

Guidelines and Criteria

  1. The applicant contribution can be a combination of cash, in-kind donations or voluntary labour
    • Applicants must contribute at least 50% of the Total Project Cost. 
    • Applicant contributions:
      • At least 25% of the Total Project Cost must be cash.
      • For applicable projects, in-kind donations or voluntary labour may make up the remaining applicant contribution (up to 25%) of the Total Project Cost.
    • Voluntary labour is valued at $30 per hour (includes GST) for basic labour and $80 per hour (includes GST) for skilled trades.
    • Projects where an applicant can contribute a significant amount of the project cost through in-kind or voluntary labour may be eligible for funding, however the grant amount will be in proportion to the amount of cash contributed by the application. No more than 200% of the total cash contribution of the applicant will be awarded in a grant.
  2. Council will consider applications for the purchase of major items of equipment.
  3. Generally, higher priority will be given to projects:
    • Where multi-purpose or flexible usage is planned
    • Which will be used by and are accessible to a wide cross section of the community
    • Which are developed in response to expressed or obvious local recreation needs
    • Which are supported by Council and the community
    • Where the applicant has demonstrated their long term viability through either consistent historical use of a facility, a long term tenancy arrangement or where a long term management plan is in place.
    • Where the applicant has demonstrated significant community development initiatives such as being a Good Sports club
    • That promote health and safety, sun smart principles or environmental causes
  4. Generally, grant applications will receive a lower priority if:
  • The project is for a private facility
  • The project is of a commercial nature
  • The project is associated with a licensed premises
  • Where applicable, the governing body of the applicant should provide a written endorsement of the application. Where applications are received by multiple organisations from within a single governing body, that governing body may be required to advise Council of their priorities in respect to those applications.
  • The applicant will undertake to complete the project within 12 months of the successful notification.
  • The applicant understands that funds will be made available following completion of the project. The applicant will be required to pay all invoices for the project and provide copies of paid invoices with the completed Acquittal Form. AlburyCity will not make payment to contractors.
  • If the project is to be completed in stages, details of the stages are to be included in the application.
  • The Funding Agreement will stipulate supervision and reporting requirements for the completion of your project.
  • Council reserves the right to cancel the grant where undertakings in the completed application, these guidelines and the Funding Agreement are not completed to the satisfaction of Council staff.
  • Should a Development Application or Construction Certificate be required, the applicant will be responsible for completing these obligations. It is not a requirement to have submitted a Development Application prior to submitting your grant application however the applicant should be aware of the requirements of doing so prior to submitting an application.
  • GST Information

    Please note that there may be a GST component applicable under this grants program. All costs provided in the application (including quotes) must include GST.

    How to apply

    Apply Online

    Assessment of Applications

    All applications will be assessed by AlburyCity staff for their eligibility and quality of application with recommendations made to the next Sports Albury Advisory Committee meeting. Sports Albury Advisory Committee meetings are held quarterly - February, May, August and November.

    The final decision on the grant applications will be made by the full Council. The Sports Albury Advisory Committee recommendations will be presented to the next Council Meeting. Applicants will be formally notified following this meeting.

    Successful Applications

    Following notification of a successful grant application, the applicant will be sent a Funding Agreement which must be completed in full to finalise the grant funding.

    The applicant will be responsible for undertaking the project in accordance with the conditions of the grant and the Funding Agreement.

    Following completion of the project, the applicant must submit a completed Acquittal Form. AlburyCity may require a site visit to the project location prior to approving the payment to be made.

    Following confirmation from AlburyCity staff that the project has been completed, payment will be forwarded to the applicant in accordance with the Funding Agreement.

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