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Land Management Incentive Program

This grant provides assistance for landholders, community groups & organisations to undertake on-ground environmental activities that benefit our local environment

AlburyCity recognises the important role that private land plays in the protection of Albury’s natural environment and local threatened species. We have listened to the community and developed the Land Management Incentive Program to help encourage and incentivise community members to carry out on-ground environmental works that:

  • protect, create, and/or enhance habitat for local threatened species such as Squirrel Gliders, Woodland Birds and Sloane’s Froglet;
  • restore local threatened ecological communities;
  • protect important landscape features (e.g. creek lines, rocky outcrops, wetlands, dams, large old trees etc.); and
  • improve connectivity across the Albury landscape.

Eligible Activities

The following types of activities are eligible under this program:

  • Revegetation activities (including direct seeding);
  • Biodiversity or exclusion fencing;
  • Threatened species management;
  • Weed control programs;
  • Pasture Management and
  • Environmental education programs;
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    This program is targeted at supporting projects located on privately owned land zoned:

    • C2 – Environmental Conservation (formerly E2);
    • C3 – Environmental Management (formerly E3);
    • Category 2 (regulated) rural land; and/or
      • properties that contain or are in proximity to important natural assets (eg. public reserves, wildlife corridors, rivers, creek lines, wetlands, roadside vegetation, large old trees etc.).
    • All applicants are encouraged to read the guidelines and discuss their proposal with the Environmental Lands Coordinator before starting their submission. Applicants must clearly demonstrate alignment to the program’s objectives.

Available Funding

There will be one funding round per financial year with opening and closing dates listed on the AlburyCity website. Grants range from up to $5,000 for individual landholders to $25,000 for community groups or a collective of landholders (grants outside of this value may be considered if discussed and approved with council officers). Applicants would be expected to contribute funds either through contributions or in-kind labour. Applications will be evaluated against the eligibility criteria and assessment criteria, which are weighted according to the project idea, capacity to carry out the project, location of project, environmental outcomes, and community participation/benefit.

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