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Community Sustainability Rebate Program

The rebate aims to assist the Community in meeting the Towards Albury 2050 Community Net Zero Target by providing a sustainability rebate to owners and lessees of properties within Albury.

How to apply


The community during the development of Towards Albury 2050 set two community net zero targets, an interim target of 50% reduction on 2017 levels by 2030 and net zero by 2040. This rebate is to assist our community transition to reduce its carbon emissions. This rebate is an expansion on the previous Community Energy Fund, where the Council provided financial assistance for its leaseholders.

  • Eligibility keyboard_arrow_right
    • Application must be for houses and commercial building within the AlburyCity LGA.
    • Application can be made by the residential property lessee or owner, and a business lessee, occupier or owner. However, application by lessees must include written consent by the property owner for each residential or commercial building respectively.
    • The applicant property must not have already received the maximum rebate within the current financial year.
    • The applicant must not have breached these guidelines in the previous 24 months.
    • The application must include all attachments and information required in the application.
    • The applicant acknowledges and agrees in their application that AlburyCity accepts no liability in respect of any claim, cause of actions, loss or damage arising out of, or in relation to, any device purchased, or service procured under the program.
    • Only one application per property, per financial year.
    • The eligibility criteria is outlined for each specific product or service (which includes up to a maximum percentage and maximum amount).
    • Additional eligibility requirements are specified in the Program Guidelines.
  • Guidelines and Criteria keyboard_arrow_right
    • The sustainable product or service must be implemented at the applicant's property.
    • The sustainable product or service must be purchased/installed/undertaken after 1 December 2022.
    • The sustainable product or service must meet the eligibility criteria (as per the program's guidelines.
    • Sustainable products must be new and must not have been previously used.
    • The applicable works must be carried out by a licensed tradesperson and meet all necessary installation standards. For rooftop solar and battery installations, this includes Clean Energy Council Accreditation.
    • The installation of sustainable products and services will preferably be undertaken by a licensed tradesperson whose business is registered within the Albury/Wodonga Local Government Areas.
    • The sustainable product must not have been purchased as a requirement for BASIX or Development Approval compliance
    • The applicant must agree to, and have read and understood these guidelines.
    • The applicant must agree to give permission for AlburyCity staff to visit the applicant property to undertake on-site verifications.
    • The application must be submitted via Council’s preferred platform and include all required attachments.
    • The applicant should note that each individual product or service has a specific allowable percentage of the total cost.
    • The sustainability rebate amount received per financial year cannot exceed the maximum allowed per property.
    • Applicants may request preapproval to ensure Council has sufficient funds to administer their rebate.
    • New applications for sustainability rebates will not be accepted once funding of the sustainability rebate has been expended. Information will be available on AlburyCity’s website.
    • The program’s funding is subject to Council’s annual budget processes and funding is limited.
    • The sustainable product must remain on the applicant's property and become a fixture if there is a change of tenant or property ownership.
      • Minor and low impact works may not require development or construction approval, provided they fully comply with the exempt development standards as set out by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008. It is the applicant’s responsibility to be aware of the development or construction approval process. (For example, if undertaking plumbing works, plumbing approval may be required. Additional information is available on the AlburyCity website). The applicant will acknowledge and agree that works were completed per exempt development standards or provide evidence of correct approvals.
      • Additional requirements are specified in the Program Guidelines
Rebate Type Rebate -
Maximum Percentage (%)
Rebate - Maximum Refund ($) Additional information
Electric Vehicle Charger 25% $500 Charging unit must be classified as a Smart Charger
Energy assessment50%$400Must be completed by a certified assessor
Hot Water System 50% $2,000 Electric Heat Pump or Solar Rooftop hot water system
Induction Cooktop 25% $500  
Insulation 50% $500 Minimum R-Values; Ceiling 3.5 and Sub-floor 1.2
LED Lighting 50% $250 Must be replacing halogen, fluorescent or incandescent lights
NABERS* Rating 50% $1,000 Sustainability assessment for commercial and large multi-dwelling residential buildings
Pool Pump 50% $250 Minimum 8-star rating
Solar Battery 25% $500 0 Installed as per Clean Energy Regulatory requirements and rebate offered in addition to state and federal level incentives
Solar System 25% $500 Installed as per Clean Energy Regulatory requirements and rebate offered post state and federal government incentives

*NABERS – National Australian Built Environment Rating System.

Assessment of Applications

All applicants will be assessed for their eligibility against the Program Guidelines. Residential or commercial property owners or lessees have the option to seek preapproval to ensure funds will be available post installation of an eligible item; an expiry date will be included on the preapproval.

  • Evidence keyboard_arrow_right

    Applicants, through the Application Form, are required to provide adequate evidence that the works have been undertaken.

  • Verifications keyboard_arrow_right

    To maintain the integrity of the CSRP, AlburyCity may undertake on-site verifications for some of the sustainable products implemented in the community.

  • Inspection keyboard_arrow_right

    During an on-site verification, an AlburyCity officer or an authorised external representative will enter an applicant property to verify that a sustainable product has been installed or undertaken in accordance with its relevant eligibility criteria. This inspection will be pre-arranged at a mutually convenient time and the assessor will provide appropriate identification

Applications will receive their Sustainability Rebate via cheque or will be informed that they are unsuccessful.

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