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Community and Cultural Grants

Provides eligible not-for-profit community groups and individuals, with funding of up to $5,000, to develop and present new projects, programs and activities that have a direct benefit to the Albury community.


AlburyCity Community and Cultural Grants is an annual funding grants program designed to provide eligible non-for-profit community groups and individuals with funding to develop and present new projects, programs and activities that have a direct benefit to the Albury community.

Community projects are programs, activities or initiatives that develop community capacity and/or services that meet identified local community needs.

Cultural projects are programs, activities or initiatives that provide art/cultural experiences and programs for the local community.

Scope and Limit

New requests within the Round 1 2024/2025 of Community and Cultural Grants round have a funding pool available of up to $25,000.

Each applicant can apply for up to $5,000 per project or initiative.

The Community and Cultural Grants funding program can only receive one application per organisation per round.

Financial assistance and in-kind support to community groups, organisations and individuals encourages social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. Financial Assistance also supports equity, diversity, and inclusion, and is fair, equitable and transparent.

The support provided by Council can be financial and/or in-kind.

Applications from organisations to provide various cultural and/or community services and initiatives will be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply, your community organisation must consider the following for your project:

  • It is linked to the outcomes and goals in AlburyCity’s Community Strategic Plan Towards Albury 2050, and Council’s adopted strategic plans.
  • The project will benefit the residents of the Albury Local Government Area.
  • The applicant must be incorporated or a registered legal entity and is not acting for private gain.
  • The project is not typically or potentially able to be funded through other sources e.g., other levels of government.
  • If your organisation received funding support in previous years, that you have met your obligations under the funding agreement.

In addition, project funding cannot be used to cover any of the following:

  • Purchasing of uniforms and cultural costumes if it is not part of a project initiative that is unique and not already in existence.
  • Merchandise.
  • Cash-prizes, gifts and donations.
  • Contribution towards operating costs for which your organisation is already receiving funding from Federal or State Government or other funding sources.
  • Recurrent salary costs or contribution to salary costs of existing positions in an organisation.
  • Building or capital improvements

Finally, applicants meeting the above eligibility criteria will not progress to the next step of the grant process if they:

  • Are an organisation with substantial unallocated financial resources.
  • Have projects that are or have the potential to be significantly funded from other sources i.e. fees or sponsorship.
  • Duplicate existing services.
  • Are currently funded by AlburyCity, whether cash or in-kind.
  • Operate outside of the Albury Local Government Area

Assessment Criteria

The criteria for evaluating requests and information to include in funding applications are listed below:

Assessment Criteria

What to Include in your Application

Alignment to Council Goals

  • How the project links to the Community Strategic Plan, Towards Albury 2050:
    • A Growing Sustainable Economy
    • An Enhanced Natural Environment
    • A Caring Community
    • A Leading Community
  • How the initiative supports the delivery of Council’s adopted strategies and plans.
  • Whether the timing of the initiative integrates well with other initiatives.
  • Whether the application fits within Council’s budget allocation as noted in the funding guidelines.

Project Readiness

  • The scope of works - purpose, project description, budget, timeline and any associated plans and specifications.
  • How the project will evolve and become sustainable in the longer term.
  • A written endorsement of the application from your governing body / peak body or other confirmed funding partners (where applicable).

Organisation Capability

  • The role and function of your organisation.
  • Details of the organisation’s ability to manage the project (if applicable).

Public Benefit

  • How the initiative supports equity, diversity, and inclusion in our community.
  • How the initiative provides community benefit beyond a specific interest group.
  • How the project is socially, culturally, and environmentally sustainable (if applicable).
  • Evidence and data of expected community and/or economic benefit.
  • Addressing demonstrated community need.

Financial Capacity

  • The overall budget of your organisation and other funding sources which your organisation relies upon.
  • Whether the applicant will be contributing to the initiative and the quantum of this contribution (financial and in-kind).
  • Any shortfall in your budget and how Council funding will address this shortfall.
  • The project is not typically or potentially able to be funded through other sources e.g., other levels of government, philanthropic entities.
  • Whether the applicant or the occupier of an AlburyCity facility that has applied for financial assistance previously is in arrears with their financial obligations to AlburyCity.
  • Whether the applicant has met their obligations if they have previously received financial assistance from AlburyCity.

How to apply

Apply Online

Applicants will be required to apply through the SmartyGrants Portal.

Congratulations to the successful applicants of Round 2 of AlburyCity's 2023/24 Community and Cultural Grants Program:

The successful applicants include:

  • Regional Disability Advocacy Service Ltd- to host an all-abilities Dance Party 2024
  • Women’s Centre for Health and Wellbeing (Albury-Wodonga) Inc   -Education, Training and supports for Women from Diverse backgrounds about what is Domestic Violence
  • Road Safety Education Ltd - Access to the RYDA Road Safety Program for vulnerable young City of Albury drivers and their passengers.
  • Albury Wodonga Congolese Association - Albury Wodonga Congolese Welcome Celebration event to be hosted late in 2024.
  • Theatre On Toast - Pride Rainbow Sneaker workshops.
  • Albury Wodonga Regional Foodshare – Feed Our Kids initiative.
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