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Financial Assistance

Annual funding is available for organisations to provide various cultural and/or community services and programs.


To provide  support to  community groups, organisations and individuals under the following funding streams identified in the Financial Assistance Policy:

  • Annual Contribution Program
  • Recurrent Financial Support

Scope and Limit

There is no limit to the amount of an individual annual contribution. The Donations and Sponsorships budget Schedule forms part of the approved annual Operational Plan. Community Centres support is included in the Operational budgets for the Community Development function.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply, you must consider the following for your program, initiatives, or project:

  • It is linked to the outcomes and goals in AlburyCity’s Community Strategic Plan Towards Albury 2050, and Council’s adopted strategic plans.
  • It provides community benefits beyond a specific interest group.
  • Whether you have access to other funding sources or have received funding from other organisations.
  • Whether you have received funding support from Council in previous years.
  • That if you did receive funding support in previous years, that you have met your obligations.
  • Whether you can contribute cash and/or in-kind support and the quantum of this contribution.

Things to consider before applying

The applicant must be incorporated or a registered legal entity and is not acting for private gain. The project must meet a community need. The organisation must initiate discussions with the AlburyCity Community Development team prior to submitting a formal application.

The following details should accompany the application:

  • How the project links to the Community Strategic Plan, Towards Albury 2050, and other Council Strategies.
  • The community need for this program or service.
  • The role and/or function of your organisation.
  • The overall budget of your organisation.
  • Other funding sources which your organisation relies upon.
  • Any shortfall in your budget and how Council funding will address this shortfall.
  • Details of your organisation’s financial contribution to the project (both financial and in-kind).
  • Details of the organisation’s ability to manage the project and a current copy of the organisation’s financial operating statement and future cash flow.
  • Information on how Council funding has been used in the past (if applicable).

Funding recommendations will be considered as part of the 2023/2024 Council budget process. It is anticipated that recipients will be advised of the funding decision in June 2023 when the budget is formally adopted.

If you have any questions please contact our Community Development team on 02 6023 8111 or email

How to apply

EOIs are now closed for the 23/24 financial year.  EOIs for 24/25 will open in October 2023.

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