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Community and Cultural Grant Program

Provides eligible not-for-profit community groups and individuals, with funding of up to $3,000, to develop and present new projects, programs and activities, that have a direct benefit to the Albury community.


Our Community and Cultural Grant Program provides eligible non-for-profit community groups and individuals, with funding of up to $3,000 available to develop and present new projects, programs and activities that have a direct benefit to the Albury community.

Important: programs/projects cannot commence until the grant assessment has occurred and successful applicants have been notified.

Round 1 2022/2023 applications will open in August 2022.

What we're looking to support


Programs, activities or initiatives that develop community capacity and/or services that meet identified local community needs. This could include dance groups, community-based groups and sport and recreation groups.


Programs, activities or initiatives that provide art/cultural experiences and programs for the local community.

What projects/programs are eligible?

Grant applications will receive higher priority if:

  • Aligned with an identified need or issue within the community.
  • Is developed in consultation with the community.
  • Creates opportunities to enhance skills.
  • Encourages community participation in the project.
  • Provides opportunities for sections of the community that do not normally access programs or activities.
  • Exposes the community to a range of opportunities not currently available.
  • There is contribution from the applicant organisation.

Generally, grant applications will receive lower priority if:

  • They are for recurring projects or services.
  • The project is for a private facility.
  • The project is of a commercial nature.
  • The project is associated with licensed premises.

What projects/programs are not eligible?

Funding will not be available for the following:

  • Applications for uniforms or merchandise.
  • A contribution towards operating costs for which your organisation is already receiving funding from Federal or State Government or other funding sources.
  • An organisation with substantial unallocated financial resources.
  • Recurrent salary costs or contribution to salary costs of existing positions in an organisation.
  • Building or capital improvements.
  • Projects that are or have the potential to be significantly funded from other sources i.e. fees or sponsorship.
  • Duplication of services.
  • Projects that are currently funded by AlburyCity, whether cash or in-kind.
  • Activities outside of the AlburyCity Local Government Area.

Each application will be assessed by the Community and Cultural panel with successful applicants having funds made available in the 2021/22 financial year to assist in the completion of their project.

COVID-19 and funding and delivery issues

AlburyCity recognises that COVID-19 makes it extremely hard to plan and deliver programs/projects to the community. When Community and Cultural grants are awarded to recipients it is with the intent that programs/projects will be delivered within the financial year. If groups and individuals are having trouble to fulfill this requirement because of COVID-19, we will work with you to determine the best approach and outcome.  
Extensions may be granted and other solutions developed.

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