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Community and Cultural Grant Program

Provides eligible not-for-profit community groups and individuals, with funding of up to $3,000, to develop and present new projects, programs and activities, that have a direct benefit to the Albury community.


Applications for round one grants for eligible not for profit community organisations and individuals for grants under AlburyCity's community and cultural grant program open at midday on Friday 30 July 2021 and close at midday on Friday 3 September 2021.

COVID-19 and funding and delivery issues

AlburyCity recognises that COVID-19 makes it extremely hard to plan and deliver programs / projects to the community. When Community and Cultural grants are awarded to recipients it is with the intent that programs/projects will be delivered within the financial year. If groups and individuals are having trouble to fulfill this requirement because of COVID-19, we will work with you to determine the best approach and outcome.  
Extensions may be granted and other solutions developed.

Programs cannot commence until the grant assessment has occurred and successful applicants have been notified.

We anticipate the funding recommendations will be approved at an October 2021 Council meeting, however applicants should be aware that this process may be delayed and therefore any events / projects / programs occurring in December or earlier cannot be guaranteed to have received a funding decision.

Funding will be offered in the following categories:

  • Community

    Programs, activities or initiatives that develop community capacity and/or services that meet identified community needs. This could include dance groups, community based groups and sport and recreation groups

  • Cultural

    Programs, activities or initiatives that provide art/cultural experiences and programs for the local community.

What projects/programs are eligible?

Grant applications will receive higher priority if:

  • Aligned with an identified need or issue within the community.
  • Is developed in consultation with the community.
  • Creates opportunities to enhance skills.
  • Encourages community participation in the project.
  • Provides opportunities for sections of the community that do not normally access programs or activities.
  • Exposes the community to a range of opportunities not currently available.
  • There is contribution from the applicant organisation.

Generally, grant applications will receive lower priority if:

  • They are for recurring projects or services.
  • The project is for a private facility.
  • The project is of a commercial nature.
  • The project is associated with licensed premises.

What projects/programs are not eligible?

Funding will not be available for the following:

  • Applications for uniforms or merchandise
  • A contribution towards operating costs for which you organisation is already receiving funding from Federal or State Government or other funding sources.
  • An organisation with substantial unallocated financial resources.
  • Recurrent salary costs or contribution to salary costs of existing positions in an organisation.
  • Building or capital improvements.
  • Projects that are or have the potential to be significantly funded from other sources ie fees or sponsorship
  • Duplication of services.
  • Projects that are currently funded by AlburyCity, whether cash or in-kind.
  • Activities outside of the AlburyCity Local Government Area.

Each application will be assessed by the panel with successful applicants having funds made available in the 2021/22 financial year to assist in the completion of their project.

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