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A Caring Community

We’ll work hard to ensure Albury is recognised as a cultural and creative city that embraces and celebrates its diversity, provides quality health care, supports children and young people, promotes positive ageing, encourages health lifestyles, values knowledge and life-long learning and is recognised national as a provider of quality education.
Bunton entrance
Bunton Park Upgrades

2022/2023 Budget: $100,000

Total budget: $1.3M

Completion: June 2025

The upgrade of sports field lighting and design development of priority buildings at Bunton Park

NFG - Toileta
National Foresters Grove Public Toilet

Total budget: $520,000

Completion: June 2023

This project will involve the construction of new public toilet facilities and the first Changing Places Facility for the City.

Sarvaas Park
Sarvaas Park Improvements

Total budget: $1,62M

Completion: March 2024

We will be implementing works identified in the Sarvaas Park Master Plan including extending playing surface, relocating play equipment and building upgrades.

Lauren Jackson Sports Centre Upgrade

2022/2023 Budget: $2M

Total budget: $7.6M

Completion: November 2024

A major upgrade of the venue is required as guided by the 2018 Master Plan to ensure the centre continues to meet the needs of both community and high-level sports events.

Alexandra Park (Ian Barker Fields) Reconstruction

2022/2023 Budget: $4,500,000

Total budget: $4.5M

Completion: April 2023

Reconstruction of four hectares of sportsground playing surface at Alexandra Park (Ian Barker Fields)