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Bin Trim

Bin Trim is here to improve your waste management – for free – and may help you save time and money, while caring for the environment.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority's Bin Trim program is helping businesses with up to 400 staff reduce their waste and improve their recycling efforts.

Avoiding, reusing and recycling isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for your business, helping to:

  • attract more customers
  • increase staff morale
  • gain recognition for your business
  • reduce your impact on the environment.

Roughly 70% of the things in your general waste bin can be reused or recycled. From cardboard, paper and plastic through to food waste – so much of this ends up in the general waste bin, when it could be put to use.

A Bin Trim assessor may be able to conduct a free waste and recycling assessment and produce a tailored action plan for your business.

A Bin Trim waste assessor will:

  • visit you to take your details and register you in the Bin Trim program
  • review your business waste
  • help you get started by working with you to create a waste reduction action plan
  • see if your business is eligible for a rebate to help out with buying equipment
  • provide practical support and advice to help your business put your plan into action.

Rebates between $1,000 and $50,000 are available to help with the cost of recycling equipment. Your Bin Trim assessor will help you to apply.

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Find out more about the Bin Trim program or to get your free waste assessment

Use the free Bin Trim tool to get a profile of your waste.