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The Birds of Australia STORYBOX

Discover the birds of Australia on a digital storytelling cube inspired by the work of John and Elizabeth Gould, in the LibraryMuseum forecourt.

A new digital, outdoor installation from the Australian Museum showcasing the incredible world of Australia's birdlife is now on show. Presented on an interactive storytelling cube, The Birds of Australia STORYBOX, brings to life the iconic bird illustrations of John and Elizabeth Gould together with First Nations storytelling and knowledges.

Trace the journey of English ornithologist John Gould and his wife Elizabeth, as they travelled across New South Wales in the 1800s on one of the most significant birding expeditions in history, helping inform contemporary knowledge and conservation of Australian birds. The Goulds described and illustrated over 300 birds that were completely new to science, including the Pied Butcherbird (Cracticus nigrogularis) and the now extinct Paradise Parrot (Psephotellus pulcherrimus). It was an astonishing record of observation and sustained hard work.

The Goulds did not do this alone. First Nations guides and knowledge played a vital role in the study. For 60,000 years Australia’s birds have lived alongside First Nations peoples. Birds feature in sacred songlines, play important roles in hunting and ceremony, and are revered as spiritual totems and guides. The installation explores why understanding the significance of Australian birds from a First Nations perspectives and their role in connecting to Country is vital to our fragile future.

Learn about current habitat pressures facing many of the birds featured in Gould’s collection and what you can do to help endangered birds in your local area. You can use your mobile to interact with the visual story by scanning the QR code and unlock First Nations stories, bird calls and in-depth profiles, interactive activities and more.

The Birds of Australia STORYBOX is a touring digital installation presented by the Australian Museum. The 3D storytelling cube will be travelling to public precincts across New South Wales, inviting communities to connect with stories, animations, illustrations and interactives that reflect on the wonder and fragility of Australia's unique bird life.

The Birds of Australia STORYBOX is created by the Australian Museum and proudly supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW Blockbusters Funding initiative.

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Thursday 21 March - Thursday 26 June 2024
LibraryMuseum, Corner of Kiewa and Swift Streets, Albury

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