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Beyond Borders

View the stories and experiences of asylum seekers and refugees in this powerful exhibition

MAPgroup’s Beyond Borders documents the unique experiences of asylum seekers and refugees seeking a safer life under exceptionally challenging circumstances, through photographs and a multimedia production.

Each of the photographers explore varied themes including the universality of being a parent; the longing for loved ones separated by displacement or death; the difficulty of being torn between two cultures; and the importance of sports in building confidence amongst young people. But it is the words of the participants, woven into the exhibition, which are most powerful. Coming from a range of countries including Burma, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Eritrea and South Sudan, Beyond Borders highlights their multifaceted experiences, stories and voices. And yet, these voices hauntingly suggest the countless others that will never be heard.

Beyond Borders reminds us that these are people, not problems. Ultimately, through sharing personal stories, we can transcend the divisions between usand go beyond borders.

A MAPgroup exhibition, curated by Krystal Seigerman and Silvi Glattauer. MAPgroup, an independent association of approximately 40 documentary photographers, is recognised for telling stories not often told by the mainstream media. MAP logo

Saturday 16 March - Saturday 6 July 2024
Open daily during Library opening hours
Lavington Library