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Amplify - Local History

Contribute to Albury's oral history  collection.

AlburyCity Libraries and Museum has partnered with the State Library of NSW to provide access to our oral history collection on Amplify.

We need volunteers to help us edit our collection by correcting any errors in the transcripts you may find as you listen along. We will be continuing to upload more stories to our oral history collection in the future so make sure to check in regularly.

Amplify is powered by the State Library of NSW and gives access to hundreds of oral histories from libraries and museums across Australia.

About Amplify

Amplify is a crowdsourcing platform where libraries can publish digital audio materials from their collections, paired with machine-generated transcripts. These audio files can then be accessed and listened to by members of the public, who can also help to correct any errors they may find in the computer generated transcripts as they listen along.

The aim of Amplify is to promote access to rich cultural collections from across New South Wales.

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Monday 15 April - Wednesday 31 December 2025, 9:31 am