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Local Housing Strategy

This plan guides how and where housing will be delivered to meet the needs of our community, now and into the future.

The Albury Local Housing Strategy outlines the  current and future housing needs and preferences of people who live, work, and visit Albury. It guides future planning decisions on the locations and types of housing to support our population growth.

Key strategies address the themes of supply, diversity, affordability and resilience:


  • Support a focus on delivery of new housing in established areas
  • Ensure all new housing development is properly supported by infrastructure
  • Actively assist applicants to navigate the development assessment system


  • Boost the proportion of overall housing stock that provides medium and high-density options
  • Incentivise the private market to provide a wider variety of dwelling types
  • Promote the importance of access to housing that meets universal design principles


  • Present a clear policy on affordable housing
  • Grow our supply of affordable rental dwellings
  • Grow our supply of social housing


  • Strengthen our social resilience
  • Improve the environmental performance of new residential estates
  • Encourage design and delivery of sustainable homes

The Strategy contains a range of actions for AlburyCity to achieve these objectives, including working with other stakeholders and levels of government.

Informed by extensive community consultation and feedback this plan was endorsed by council on Monday, 27 March 2023.