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What were the outcomes of Stage 1 Consultation?

Summary of key findings from Stage 1 consultation (February 2019):

  • East St intersection – accidents and safety concerns, confusion with service road joining roundabout
  • Pedestrian crossing of Borella Rd – safety concerns, few existing crossings, need for a safe crossing between hospital and East Albury shops
  • Keene St intersection – accidents and safety concerns, difficulties turning right onto and from Borella Rd
  • Hume Hwy interchange and Schubach St – congestion at peak times
  • Streetscape / beautification – desire to improve appearance, retain trees, increase greenery and public art
  • Airport Dr, Elizabeth Mitchell Dr & Table Top Rd intersections – some difficulty turning-right onto Highway at peak times
  • Shared bike path / footpaths – poor condition of some paths, gaps in the network and opportunities for expansion
  • Parking at hospital – high demand at times overflowing onto surrounding streets, suggestions for on-site multi-deck parking