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What does the Corridor Strategy recommend?

A high-level summary of the key proposals from the Corridor Strategy include:

  • Planning for future road duplication to increase capacity as growth and demand require, and to reduce accidents and improve safety.
  • Upgrading major intersections to improve access and safety and manage additional capacity. Proposed key intersection improvements include traffic lights at Keene and East Streets and roundabouts at Airport Drive, Elizabeth Mitchell Drive, Table Top Road and Kerr Road (all subject to further investigation and alternate design options may also be considered).
  • Streamlining access to service roads as the main corridor and intersections are upgraded to improve corridor safety and function. This may include relocating or closing some service lane access points and converting some service roads to one-way movement.
  • Continuing to advocate for improvements to freeway interchange and Young Street intersections.
  • Improving pedestrian access and crossings, in particular between the East Albury shops and the health precinct.
  • Expanding and upgrading off-road shared paths, investigating on-road cycle lanes with future road upgrades and improving opportunities to access public transport.
  • Identifying future land use demands.
  • Investigating potential rezoning around the East Albury shops and Albury Wodonga Health site through a Health Precinct Master Plan to support growth and opportunities of the regionally significant health precinct.
  • Exploring opportunities to improve parking in service roads and in and around the hospital.
  • Coordinating and planning of works to ensure significant infrastructure like water mains are suitably located outside the potential future road alignment and single-lane roundabouts are designed for potential duplication as demand increases.
  • Prioritising the section between Keene to East Streets, as identified through consultation feedback, responding to the number of accidents occurring at these two intersections, the need to improve pedestrian access and safety and potential expansion of the health precinct.