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Part 10: Development in Residential Zones

Part 10 of the DCP guides the design of housing and residential neighbourhoods. It includes a range of topics such as dwelling types and styles, design and appearance, height and setbacks, private open space, subdivision layout and shed and outbuildings.

Part 10 is structured in several divisions for each major type or category of residential development. This is intended to make each division as self-contained as possible and minimise the need for cross-referencing. As a result, many of the design and assessment guidance are repeated or similar in several divisions.

Or download each Division separately:

Typically, each division includes a Development Guidelines Table with the following three columns:

  • ‘Design Element’ – the part or aspect of development being guided,
  • ‘Guidelines’ – the numerical or non-numerical guideline. When proposed development is consistent with a guideline, it can generally be assumed that the development satisfies the corresponding performance criteria, and
  • ‘Performance Criteria’ – describe the reason for, and the outcome sought from, compliance with a development guideline.

The guidelines and the performance criteria work together. The performance criteria provide a ‘rule-of-thumb’ by which proposed departures (or variations) from the guidelines (numerical or non-numerical) can be both justified by the applicant and assessed by Council’s assessment officers. Should circumstances prevent consistency with a guideline the applicant is to demonstrate that the performance criteria is satisfied as part of their development application. This will also assist neighbours and interested stakeholders understand variations and why they are sought, as well as the outcomes they are seeking to achieve.

The schedule concludes Part 10 and contains illustrations and diagrams to help interpretation and application of the design guidelines and performance criteria.


To assist applicants in preparing a development application, word document templates are provided below for Divisions C, D and E (being the more commonly used divisions). The templates provide an additional column where applicants can comment on how their proposed development complies with the relevant guidelines and performance criteria.

Please note this does not replace a Statement of Environmental Effects available on our forms page.