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Appendix E – Ettamogah Development Plan

Commencing upon gazettal of Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010 – Amendment No. 25

On Monday 11 May 2020, Council endorsed a Planning Proposal to adjust the Minimum Lot Size for some areas of Ettamogah Rise Estate that included a consequential amendment to the Ettamogah Development Plan, Appendix E of the Albury Development Control Plan 2010 (DCP).

The Ettamogah Development Plan guides the orderly and sustainable development of land in Ettamogah Rise Estate. The amendment allows for additional open space and changed minimum lot size, building setback and fencing provisions and is consistent with past development approvals and outcomes sought by the endorsed Planning Proposal (as revised).

This amendment to our DCP will commence from the gazettal date of the Amendment No. 25 to Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010, as sought by the endorsed Planning Proposal, and is available to view here:

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