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Account adjustment application for water billing period 2 2023/24

Application for Account Adjustment for Water Billing Period 2 2023/24

AlburyCity acknowledges there was an extended period (December 2023 to March 2024) where some customers were affected by discoloured water due to higher than usual manganese levels entering the drinking water network. Although this water has remained safe to use and consume as per the advice from NSW Health department, we understand some residents flushed their water taps to improve the colour of their water prior to contacting us for further assistance.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances in this particular case, being the extended duration of discoloured water within the drinking water network and the advice of AlburyCity to flush internal taps for 5 mins before contacting AlburyCity for further assistance, AlburyCity will assess whether an adjustment to your water consumption charge is applicable.

The completion and submission of this application will trigger the assessment process which will include a review of your water billing period 2 2023/24 consumption charge and the details contained within this form. You will be notified of the outcome of your assessment within 10 business days from submission of all required information. Full payment of your account must be completed by the due date. Should any adjustment to your water account be approved, this will be in the form of a credit adjustment to your water consumption charge.

The estimated water consumption cost per 5 minute flush is approximately 28 cents.

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