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Change of details

Your owner information needs to be kept up-to-date. If your situation changes, you must notify us so we can update your pet registration details. With an up-to-date register we can easily contact owners when a lost or missing pet is found.

Post your completed form to us or take it to a customer service centre.

You may be fined if you don't let us know when your pet is sold or given to a new owner.

Has your pet passed away?

If your cat or dog passes away, you need to let us know within 28 days.

We will cancel your pet's registration and you will no longer receive notifications from us about your pet.

Moving to NSW with your pet?

If you are moving with your pet to Albury from another state or country, and the previous owner cannot be found you will need to identify and register your pet in NSW. You will need to provide us with:

Can you no longer care for your pet?

We do not accept surrendered animals. If you are no longer able to care for your pet please contact the RSPCA, Cat Protection Society, Animal Welfare League or your local animal shelter for advice.

It is illegal to dump or abandon your animal and animal cruelty charges apply.