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Speed is the biggest contributing factor to injury and fatality crashes on New South Wales roads.

About 40% of road fatalities involve speed. Under the Local Government Road Safety Program, AlburyCity applies for funding each year to work with the community to combat speed and reduce the number of crashes where speed is a contributing factor.

AlburyCity's Road Safety Action Plan identifies the area of speed as a concern for many of our residents and is a priority area when applying for funding and educating the community.

More information is available here at Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety.

When travelling in a residential street the speed limit is 50km/h unless signposted otherwise.

It's important to always consider the environment in which you are travelling and adjust your speed accordingly. More congested areas require you to travel at a lower speed.

Parts of Albury's Central Business District have shared zones that indicate the maximum speed limit that can be travelled is 10km/h. These areas are signposted.