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Speed is the biggest single danger on NSW roads, contributing to about 40 per cent of road fatalities each year.

Albury has a range of speed limits that include School zones, Shared zones and High Pedestrian Activity Areas. Please ensure you always adjust your speed, obey the limit and drive to conditions.

Speed limit signs are always a black number inside a red circle. In urban areas unless signposted otherwise, the speed limit is 50km/h.

Shared Zones

A Shared Zone is a road or network of roads where the road space is shared by vehicles and pedestrians. The maximum speed limit in a Shared Zone is 10km/h.

Drivers must give way to pedestrians at all times.

The following locations are classed as a Shared Zone:

  • Volt Lane
  • AMP Lane and
  • Selle Lane

More information regarding shared zones can be found in the shared zoned fact sheet.

High Pedestrian Activity

The 40km/h urban limit is part of a nationwide strategy to improve safety in high pedestrian areas. Travelling at lower speeds improves a driver’s ability to stop and avoid crashes, especially in areas of high pedestrian activity.

The following locations are classed as a High Pedestrian Activity area:

  • Hovell Tree Park
  • Noreuil Park Foreshore
  • Oddies Creek Park

You can read more about safe speed limits, safer stopping limits and speed zones at the Centre for Road Safety.